Meet our Instructors, Mentors, and Admin Team

As much as we love our space, and as proud as we are of our curricula and class materials, Claim Academy wouldn't be Claim Academy without our team of rockstars teaching class, running the daily operations, and mentoring students. The people below make things happen, and you should get to know them!

Lamar Myles

Java Instructor

Eric Ray

C#.Net Instructor

Ola Ayeni

Chief Idea Officer

Rick Pea

VP of Operations

Jennifer Ayeni

Director of Outreach & Community Engagement

Brandon Owens


Cody Sevier


Lucas Santiago


Kenn Juma

Java Instructor

Mark Kaiman

Cybersecurity Instructor

Michael Bryd

Cybersecurity Instructor

Tino Nwamba

C#/.Net and Java Instructor

Victor Chinnaswamy

Cybersecurity Instructor

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