Tyler Sadler

.NET Graduate, July 2015

  • Graduated from the Spring 2015 .NET cohort
  • Previous Career: CNC machinist
  • Tyler currently works at: Mercy Hospital
  • Associates degree in Machining
  • GitHub Profile: TylerSadler

Tyler started programming on the shop floor, automating CNC routers and other computer-controlled manufacturing machines using VB.NET. Before automating himself out of a job, however, Tyler decided to switch careers into full-time software development through Claim Academy's C#/.NET bootcamp. Tyler would like to make a career out of using C# for the web and for industrial applications. For his final project, Tyler rebuilt the Claim Academy online application using ASP.NET and MVC, allowing partial and completed applications from prospective students sync with a SQL server accessible by Claim Academy staff.

"I started my journey into software development through Claim Academy. Great instructors and staff, mixed with a great curriculum...I would recommend it to anyone!"

Kate Rands

.NET Graduate, July 2015

  • Graduated from the Spring 2015 .NET cohort
  • Previous Career: Starbucks Barista
  • Kate currently works at: OneSpace
  • B.A. in Media and Journalism from St. Louis University, M.A. in Digital Film Production from University of Ireland in Galway
  • GitHub profile: kmrands

Kate began programming with an Intro to CS course taken while attending SLU, but was hesitant to switch to the CompSci major. After years of film production experience, Kate is back to programming again with Claim Academy's C#/.NET bootcamp! Kate's final project was called "Write2Mobi", an online version-control system and user interface for authors, with the added feature of being able to compile and export to the open-source e-book file format MOBI. Built using MVC, C#, and a healthy dose of Web APIs, Kate hopes that other authors can use her project to make publishing less intimidating. She hopes to eventually do more work at the intersection of programming and the Arts.

"Without Claim Academy, I don't think I would have had the push I needed to jump into programming. It was an important experience for me, because it provided me with an environment where I had time to focus on learning these skills, and where I was being actively encouraged to learn."

Kemal Durakovic

.NET Graduate, July 2015

  • Graduated from the Spring 2015 .NET cohort
  • Previous Career: Professional Photographer
  • Kemal currently works at: RGA
  • Bachelors of Science in Multimedia Design and Development with an emphasis on Web Design from DeVry University
  • GitHub profile: Kemo92

Kemal got his start in HTML/CSS while stil in high school, and wanted to pursue web development as a career afterwards with an emphasis on design. While front-end web development work helped him with his photography business, it wasn't enough to become the full-stack developer that would enable a career change to programming as a career. That's when Kemal found Claim Academy and the C#/.NET bootcamp! Kemal used his newfound programming skills to redesign Claim Academy's own events page, integrating a Javascript front-end with a SQL server through a C# controller. Kemal will be pursuing a career as a web developer.

"Claim is one of the most unique places, allowing one-on-one time with instructors as well as collaboration with all of the peers there."

Rob Cabardo

.NET Graduate, July 2015

  • Graduated from the Spring 2015 .NET cohort
  • Previous Career: Freelance Web Design, Pet-sitting
  • Rob currently works at: Daughterty
  • Associates Degree in Business Admin from Old Dominion University
  • GitHub profile: rcaba002

Rob began his journey towards programming when he decided to begin building websites and managing social media accounts as a freelancer. The limitations of HTML and CSS kept Rob from realizing his vision of becoming a full-fledged application developer, so he enrolled in Claim Academy's C#/.NET bootcamp. 12 weeks later, Rob presented Events-Squared, his own event-management and scheduling application built on ASP.NET, Entity Frameworks, and MVC. He will continue his education in C#, HTML5, CSS, and would like to continue learning more about the world of mobile application development.

Sarah Rosen

.NET Graduate, July 2015

  • Graduated from the Spring 2015 .NET cohort
  • Previous Career: Paralegal
  • Sarah currently works at: Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • B.A. in Legal Studies, currently pursuing M.S. in Information Systems at UMSL
  • GitHub profile: phoesarah

Sarah has been interested in game design and data structures for years before deciding to switch careers from the legal field towards programming. After studying databases and information management, she decided that the next step was to learn a programming language and learn about the real-world development process. That's when she found Claim Academy and the C#/.NET bootcamp. Her final project at Claim Academy took data about primate habits that had been gathered by local researchers and added a CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) application on top of an organized and optimized relational database. She's looking forward to working with C# and databases by day and game design by night.

"I was interested in programming a long time ago, but I was young, and didn't stick with it. Claim Academy helped bridge that gap so now, in addition to what I've learned at Claim, I have created an actual program and have the skills I need to look up more advanced explanations and understand them."

Seth Wolter

.NET Graduate, July 2015

  • Graduated from the Spring 2015 .NET cohort
  • Previous Career: Inside Sales
  • Seth currently works at: Advanced Resources
  • B.S. in Computer Programming from the University of Phoenix
  • GitHub profile: sethwolter

Seth has worked in a variety of industries, from sales to retail to restaurants to technology, and has finally found the field that he loves as a full-stack C#/ .NET developer. For his final project, Seth tackled an interactive game based around teaching patients about CAPD (Continuously Autonomous Peritoneal Dialysis) for GamesMed.com, an educational website promoting health and wellness through gamification. In his future career, Seth would like to be a part of a creative and collaborative develpment environment with a focus on end-user experience.

Florita Rodriguez

Java Graduate, May 2015

  • Graduated from the Spring 2015 Java cohort
  • Previous career: Student/Meteorology Intern
  • B.A. in Meteorology from Texas A&M
  • Proxor-certified Java Developer
  • GitHub profile: florita1

Florita started her career in meteorology, but quickly gravitated towards the analytical side of the field. Rather than stand in front of a green screen for television audiences, Florita decided to crunch hurricane data for NOAA. This lead to learning the basics of python, which lead her to Claim Academy's more in-depth approach to object-oriented programming in Java. For her final project, she built Roomies.com, an application for finding and matching roommates using Spring and Hibernate to map data from questionnaires and user profiles to a database. She's currently employed at Centene in St. Louis as a Java developer.

"If you like programming and you want to do this as your career, and you don't have four years to spend going to classes, I would definitely recommend Claim Academy"

David Osipov

Java Graduate, May 2015

  • Graduated from the Spring 2015 Java cohort
  • Previous career: Audio Engineer
  • B.A. in Audio Engineering from Webster University
  • Proxor-certified Java Developer
  • GitHub profile: cavemandaveman

David had extensive hardware experience in the audio field, getting into server management and Linux administration from his start in sound. After building an Erlang-based chat server for his friends, Dave decided to give programming a try as a career. He completed his Java Bootcamp experience with Travelocity for Meeting Spaces, an online application that posts and ranks meeting and event spaces by location, price, and availability. Dave is currently employed as a full-time Java Developer with Clearent in Clayton, MO.

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