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Income Share Agreement

What is an Income Share Agreement?
Under an Income Share Agreement, our students pay a lower up-front cost to attend our fullstack developer program. You begin making payments based on your salary after you start working in the industry.

By removing the stress of juggling tuition, a student can focus on what they came to Claim Academy for, learning to code. Once you’ve made your initial deposit, you don’t have to worry about tuition until graduation.

Who qualifies for an income share agreement?
Anyone who qualifies for our 12-Week Fullstack Developer program can qualify for an Income Share Agreement.

Why offer this option?
We are confident in our educational and evaluation process. Our process allows us to identify students who will be successful in the tech industry.

Cost should not limit any student’s potential success. By offering this option we are saying that we believe in our process, and we believe in your future. By tying your tuition to your graduated income instead of a large up-front cost, we are able to open up the life-changing opportunity to pursue a career in software development for students from a wider variety of backgrounds and income levels.

Payment Options
$1000 upfront + 15% of income for two years ( only if you’re making $35K+ ). If you make less, you owe $0.

Price upfront: $1000*
Full-time learning onsite and online: Yes
Access to experienced professional advisors: Yes
Access to collaboration spaces: Yes
Income share: 17%
Payback time: 2 years of payments
Max payback: $19,000
Pay back if earning less than $2083/mo ($25k/year): $0

*US Citizen, US Permanent Resident, US non-immigrant work visa