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(A) Coding Boot Camp
is a program, institution, or curriculum dedicated to providing instruction and certification in software development. Typically, coding boot camps focus on teaching students hard coding skills and coding proficiency, with an emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving.

A programming language that produces computer software applications for multiple platforms. Java applications are very versatile and run on runs on most operating systems (OS), including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Java was developed in 1995 by computer scientist, James Gosling. Gosling had been a developer at Sun Microsystems. Java was derived and modeled on C# and C++.

A hybrid object-oriented, programming language, was developed by Microsoft, that combines C and C++. C# is used with XML-based Web services on the .NET platform and designed to improve productivity in the development of Web applications. C# was developed by Microsoft to compete against Sun Microsystems' solution, Java.

Full Stack
This term, when used in the context of software development, refers to the coder's ability to understand core infrastructure and the ability to program both front-end and back-end web development solutions. Typically, a full stack software developer understands multiple programming languages and databases including, but not limited to, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, SQL SERVER, MVC DESIGN PATTERN, UNIT TESTING, etc. Java and C# have become the industry standard programming languages, and are the basis of any full stack software developer's skill sets.

Software Developer
Also referred to as a coder or programmer, is an individual that creates computer software. A software developer can be a generalist or a very specific programmer. Other terms for software developers include software engineer, programmer, coder, or computer programmer.

GI Bill
Instituted in 1944, and formerly known as The Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, helps pay tuition and other tuition-related living expenses for eligible veterans of the US military--Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. The bill was designed to help America's veterans acquire a higher education or trade-related skills.