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Train for 12 weeks. Start right away in an entry-level role at Eagle Technology Group.

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Thanks to a new partnership with Eagle Technology Group (based in O'Fallon, IL), civilians, veterans and their spouses — especially those preparing to transition from military to civilian life — are eligible to apply for an apprenticeship that will launch them directly into an entry-level role in IT or software development at Eagle TG.

What does training involve?

Eagle Technology Group is looking for Java and C#/.NET developers. Therefore, as part of the application process, we place you in the training cohort that's right for you (and for your future role at Eagle). Apprentices will complete a 12-week accelerated training program in either Full-Stack C#/.NET or Full-Stack Java. The course curriculum is identical to our standard 12-week immersive bootcamps, but the course syllabus is condensed to a 9-week schedule.

Feel free to set up a phone call with one of our team members to dive deeper into the curriculum and course materials.

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Is this a paid apprenticeship?

Eagle Technology Group will cover the cost of your training at Claim Academy. You'll be responsible for paying for your own living expenses for the duration of training and will begin receiving paychecks from Eagle Technology Group once you successfully graduate from training and complete the on-boarding process as designated by Eagle TG.

What types of candidates are we looking for?

The ideal candidate for this apprenticeship has some familiarity with coding and software, or has a degree in Computer Science or related field. Claim Academy's training cohorts are intense, so we're looking for people who are hard working, relentless in their pursuit of learning and growing, organized, self-starting and committed. Eagle TG has an additional interest in hiring former military and their spouses; veterans comprise about 60% of their workforce. Eagle also prefers that you have - or are willing to attain - National Security Clearance before coming on board.

Should I apply?

Anyone who is interested in job placement after graduating from Claim Academy should apply for this apprenticeship. Should you decide to not pursue the apprenticeship after applying, we'll gladly discuss our other training opportunities that may be a better fit for you.

What is the application process?

First, submit the application form below.

Step 1: Apply

Once you submit your application, a member of the Claim Academy team will get in touch with you to discuss your reasons for seeking this apprenticeship. Next, we'll ask you to proceed in the application process by completing our mandatory online Pre-Course. This is the standard course that all students who attend Claim complete; therefore, we encourage you to complete the course as soon as possible.

Step 2: Complete Technical Pre-Course "Intro to Java" Online

Once you complete the Technical Pre-Course, we'll review your work and, if you are qualified, bring you in for a series of interviews.

Any other questions?

Please contact us directly to discuss the details of this apprenticeship program. The best way to do that is to book a phone call or schedule an in-person tour.

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