Claim Academy is more than just a bootcamp for programmers. We're a place for training of all types, from sales, to new tech, to start-ups, to marketing.

Not everyone can commit to a full bootcamp for 12 weeks, and not every subject worth learning necessitates a full 3-month immersive experience to absorb. For those of you looking to add to your current skillset without quitting your day job or breaking the bank, check out our seminar schedule!

Seminars last anywhere from a few hours to an entire weekend, and topics include anything related to technology or startups. From Sales Hacking to a weekend workshop on node.js, our seminars are here to augment your skillset and add to your value in the workplace.

Seminars will be held monthly or twice monthly throughout the summer. See the full schedule on our events page.

July's first seminar will feature Danni Eickenhorst from Blank Page Consulting. Check out what's going to be covered in Danni's July 24th Seminar:

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Social media expert Danni Eickenhorst will deliver a half-day training summit for startups and small businesses looking to harness the power of social media to grow their business. An expert in marketing growing businesses and nonprofits, Danni will teach you how to use social media to meet your business goals, and how to realize measurable results. Learn about the state of social media, what’s to come and where you should put your efforts. Work through the process of determining the best way to meet your business goals through digital marketing and how build and manage your reputation as you grow. Explore strategies for building and maintaining a community of motivated brand ambassadors, and learn from case studies of successes and failures you will want to replicate or avoid.

Come ready to learn with a laptop, tablet or mobile device and live personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, to benefit from hands-on exercises. Be prepared to learn more than you ever imagined, and to leave confident and comfortable with social media as a tool for success.

To purchase tickets for this seminar, go to our Eventbrite page. See you there!