Continuing in our Instructor Spotlight series for our Java instructors, here's Vinod Vydier. He's the last (but not the least) of the Java instructor team for the June 13th cohort, introduced in earlier blog posts: Nick Kraftor and Siddique Hameed.

Quick Facts

What projects are you working on now at your "day job"?

Vinod: I work on Java products in Oracle's fusion middleware portfolio, which include SOA, BPM, and cloud services (integration, process and mobile cloud services). I work with customers in the Midwest area (pimarily large enterprises in St Louis and Kansas City). I have over 2 decades experience developing products and applications in the enterprise space. Prior to Oracle, I worked for Cast Iron systems (which got bought by IBM) and BEA systems (which got bought by Oracle).

What personal projects are you working on right now?

Vinod: Java solutions in PaaS environments. Java, C++ product integrations with node.js/JavaScript

What's your favorite project that you've ever worked on?

Vinod: Java online transaction processing projects, which became productised. Cloud adapters for and

What got you into programming to begin with? What was that spark that made you say "I want to be a programmer"?

Vinod: The creative aspects of building something with software - that's the part that I enjoy about programming the most.

In your opinion, what's the most exciting thing happening in the world of Java right now?

Vinod: Java solutiins on PaaS and Android development with Java

If you could hang out with anyone from the tech world (alive or dead), who would it be and why?

Vinod: I would hang out with Kerningham and Ritchie

What's your favorite thing to do besides programming and teaching class?

Vinod: I like hiking, biking, chess, sketching, and reading.