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Claim Academy offers scholarships, grants and financial aid to help you pay for your training so that you can launch a career that you will love.


Claim Academy has a number of scholarships available to help you fund your Claim Academy training:

  • $500 Women in Technology Scholarship
  • $1000 College Upgrade Scholarship
  • $500 Minority Scholarship
  • $500 Veteran Scholarship

To apply for one, or a maximum of two, of these scholarships, you must apply for, and be accepted into, Claim Academy FIRST. Once you have been accepted into Claim Academy, contact to learn how to apply for specific scholarships.

Scholarship Options

Women in Technology Scholarship
There is an automatic $500 scholarship for all women who are accepted into an immerse Full Stack Cohort at Claim Academy.

College Upgrade Scholarship
Recent high school graduates or GED recipients (within one calendar year of graduation or GED attainment) are eligible for a $1000 College Upgrade scholarship with proof that they attained their high school graduation or received their GED within one year.

Minority Scholarship
Claim Academy offers an ongoing scholarship fund to promote diversity in software development / software engineering. Applicants from under-represented groups are eligible for a $500 scholarship. You are eligible to apply for this scholarship if you are from an ethnic minority group under-represented in the software engineering field (African American, Chicano/Latino, Native American, or Pacific Islander).

Veteran Scholarship
There is an automatic $500 scholarship for all U.S. veterans in good standing who are accepted into an immersive Full Stack course at Claim Academy. Proof of veteran status is required.


Claim Academy is an approved center for workforce development as designated by the Missouri Workforce Development Board. Because of this designation, you can apply for grants for Claim Academy training through several Missouri regional programs. Grants are available for eligible dislocated and unemployed job seekers and for transitioning veterans. To apply for a grant for Claim Academy, you must apply for Claim Academy FIRST, then contact the Missouri Workforce System office for your county for grant application instructions.

To learn more about training grant options, visit the Missouri Workforce System. Specifically you can apply for grants from your regional area with Missouri, including:

St. Louis County Division of Workforce Development
Missouri residents: You may qualify for a St. Louis County Division of Workforce Development Dislocated Worker grant that can cover all or most of your Claim Academy training cost. You do not have to be a resident of St. Louis County to qualify. Choose the Dislocated Worker option from this page, to learn how to take advantage of the grant. Visit Missouri Job Centers - Saint Louis County for program details.

To apply for the grant, complete a WHOA eligibility assessment at the Missouri Career Center (St. Louis County Workforce Center) located at St. Louis County-Northwest Crossing, 715 Northwest Plaza Dr, St. Ann, MO 63074. An informational training session is held each Friday at 9 am at the center, or you can call 314-381-6700. Tell the operator that you are interested in Dislocated Worker training at Claim Academy.

Other Missouri Counties
Find the Missouri Job Center on this map and then contact or stop by the office to learn about specific training grants that may allow you to attend Claim Academy for little or no cost.

Financial Aid

Claim Academy has two powerful financial aid partners to help incoming students make high-quality tech boot camp education a reality. Such financial aid is only available to students accepted into a full-stack Claim Academy program (either full-time or part-time). There is a deposit/registration due when you sign up that is followed by one of three low, monthly payment plans of your choosing.

Skills Fund

Finance your Claim Academy tuition with Skills Fund
Launch a career you love with a payment plan that works for you

Claim Academy is a proud partner to bring powerful financing options to our incoming students. is an exclusive lending partner with a mission to make high-quality tech boot camp education, like what is offered at Claim Academy, available to all. They’ve audited our curriculum and outcome to ensure your success, and now they want to help you pay your tuition.

Look to Skills Fund to...

  • Finance your Claim Academy tuition and the cost of living
  • Secure a universal interest rate for all students (regardless of your credit history)
  • Learn your rate, annual percentage rate (APR), and payment plan before applying

If you’re considering joining Claim Academy for an upcoming Full Stack Java or .NET C# cohort, this could be an incredible opportunity for you.

Visit today to learn more about your financing options, then submit your application to Claim Academy FIRST. You must apply to Claim Academy before applying for financing.

Pricing / Refund Policy

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Claim Academy boot camps and classes are priced as follows:

Immersive Boot Camps are classes that last 12-to-20 weeks or more. They are in-depth part-time or full-time courses that prepare students to become full stack developers. Courses include completing a project and portfolio, expert instruction and mentoring, networking with potential employers and influentials, participating in Demo Day, and receiving career training and job placement services. Applications for these boot camps are evaluated on a rolling basis, so apply today for the next available cohort.

Full-time, 12 weeks: $12,500* (if paid in full, upon acceptance)

*$500 of your payment is nonrefundable.

Skill-Up (Fundamental) Classes are 3-day to 6-week classes that teach the basics of a subject. These classes are taught by expert instructors and are particularly useful for people who want to improve their coding skills or for non-coders who need a general knowledge of coding for their jobs. Pricing: Varies from $499 to $6,999.

Introduction “101” Classes are typically 3-hour to 3-day light tech or career training classes taught by expert instructors that help professionals stay current on skills and learn about new programs/processes through fast paced, short-form offerings. Pricing: Varies from $39 to $449.

Info Sessions: These 1-to-3-hour sessions typically prepare prospects for an upcoming Claim Academy course (such as Ruby on Rails or Technical Challenge training) or provide them with career training, or an overview of what they will learn in an upcoming class. These sessions will discuss frequently asked questions about a course and financing options, and answer participants’ questions. Such sessions can be conducted on campus or by webinar. Price: Free to $39.

Seminars: Seminars on a variety of topics are conducted sporadically at Claim Academy and are payable immediately through the Eventbrite invitation. Price: Varies.

Paying for boot camps and classes

Claim Academy accepts cash, check, direct deposit, credit/debit card, or WePay, or (for one of our immersive boot camps, through a loan obtained by our approved lender – Skillsfund). Scholarships and grants for our boot camp classes are also available. When sending a check, please make it payable to Claim Academy and direct it to Claim Academy; 2119 Olive St.; St. Louis, MO; 63103. Please include your full name and related course description.

Any questions related to student payments please email For WePay, please email and forward your WePay confirmation page once you’ve submitted it.

Boot camp fees are due within 48 hours of acceptance into a course. Seminar, Skills Up, Introduction, and Info Session class fees are due at checkout from an event's EventBrite page.

All personal information is kept private, and will not be shared with any third party without permission.

Refund Policy

A student who withdraws for any reason prior to an immersive boot camp start date or up to one week into the program receives all monies returned, with the exception of the non-refundable $500 deposit.

Refunds after the first week will be pro-rated based on the date of withdrawal in the following amounts:

• During Week 2: 75% of tuition returned
• During Week 3: 50% of tuition returned
• During Week 4: 25% of tuition returned
• During Week 5: or any subsequent week: 0% tuition returned

No refunds or credits will be given after four weeks. Course deposits are non-refundable.

Note: Refunds are calculated on total course cost, not tuition paid, so, if a student withdraws in Week 2 and has only paid 25% of the total course tuition, the student is not entitled to a refund.

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