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So you're ready to apply to Claim Academy. Congratulations! We're glad you're interested in one (or more) of our classes. Our 12-week programs in Java or .NET will prepare you for the tech jobs that St. Louis businesses need, and this page is the first step towards your new programming career. Here's a step-by-step guide through our application process:

Step 1: Apply Online (4+ weeks before classes start)

There's just one application for all of our classes. Fill it out here. While you're waiting to hear back from us, try out some of the free programming resources available online to prepare for your interview. A good general introductory course would be Codecademy's Ruby course, which introduces a lot of the basic programming concepts you'll need to thrive in a Java or C# class.

Step 2: In-person interview (3-4 weeks before classes start)

We need to meet you in person! We'll let you know if you've made it to this stage of the application process via email. All interviews will be held at our downtown St. Louis location at 2113-2119 Olive St, 2nd Floor. We expect that you will have gotten through the Codecademy Ruby track by this point!

Step 3: Technical challenge (3-4 weeks before classes start)

At your in-person interview, we'll send you home with a technical challenge. Technical challenges will vary by class, but will include basic programming problems that will give us an idea of your aptitude for tackling problems like a programmer. You will send us your solutions before being invited to sign up for a technical interview with the instructors.

Step 4: Technical Interview (2 weeks before classes start)

Once we've reviewed your technical challenge we'll pare down the list of applicants even further. The strongest applicants will be invited to interview with our instructors or mentors and present your solutions to the technical challenge problems. You will also be asked to diagram a solution to another programming problem in pseudo-code.

Step 5: Final Decision and Placement (2 weeks before classes start)

After your pair programming interview, your instructor or mentor will recommend either that we reject your application or that you be placed in one of our classes. If accepted to our program, we will inform you which class you are accepted to and whether or not you have received scholarships or financial aid.

Step 6: Starting Class

After you've been accepted to the program, tuition fees are due within 48hours of acceptance to reserve your spot.

Don't forget, if your application is rejected, we will keep your information on file and encourage you to apply for future classes. We're more than happy to reevaluate your applications until we can find a good fit for you!